I do not know if people in the U.S. are cowed, sleeping or idiots.  All I read is people complaining, but not doing anything and definiately not suggesting anything to alleviate the situations that they complain about.

      IF you do not vote, shut up!  You pretty much have nothing to complain about, since you decided to put YOUR voice into someone else’s hands.  If you want to complain, then Do something about it!  It’s pretty annoying, reading complaints by people who did NOT get off their Asses to take charge of the Country.

     Here is a Simple thing to do.  Go to Recalltherogues.org.   This is the equivalent to a “Vote of No Confidence” that the European Countries use.  Not all States have this process available, BUT if you go to the site and check, you may be in a State that CAN use the Process.  BY doing this, YOU are telling the foolish ones in Congress, that YOU will NO Longer PUT UP with their childish, greedy and negative rhetoric that is Brining the U.S. to the brink of absolute Ruin.

So, STOP complaining and DO SOMETHING!