IF you Really Love the U.S. then you cannot ignore what our so Called Representatives for Congress are Doing in Washington. They are making a mockery of all of US and the U.S. in front of the entire World! So, here is what WE as Americans Need to Do. We have to send a Message to those Fools, that WE the PEOPLE will NO LONGER Put up with their Rhetorical B.S. and WE WILL TELL THEM WHAT TO DO! Go to this Site: http://www.recalltherogues.org/

You can navigate the site and look around.  The first Thing to do, would be to see if the State that You live in, can start a Recall Process. THIS is the equivalent of a “Vote of No Confidence” process. WE need to start Telling those fools in Washington that WE Want Respect from them. WE WANT them to LISTEN TO what WE Want, not what THEY want.  It is TIME to take back OUR WAY OF LIFE!