Click the sites below let’s help eradicate Hunger, Homelessness, Aids and many other things that these links help!!!!  I know you are out there!!! We helped save a Forest together!!! Imagine what we can now do with all of these links!!!
  Dontations to Cancer Research! Helps women learn how to read! Helps to stop Global Warming!!! Helps the South American Rain Forest Keep clicking to help raise money for the Next forest!!!  Plant an Oak or check out their money making opportunity! Multi-donation site 24 of them, one click does it all. Another Multi-donation site, each site has to be clicked though.. Tons of sites!  Go to town and click them all!
Okay….Yes…Some of those above are also on the left of the screen!  let’s start making this Earth something we actually want to live on for Years to come!!! Not just for us, but the future!!!  Let’s make the future Generations say: "If they could do that, think about what We can accomplish!"
Peace in Your Hearts,