VERY Controversial

I had refrained from posting anything of the atrocious, disgusting, Insurrection that occurred on the 6th which ONE (1) Innocent person lost their life. I am NOT going to count the other four, since they were Enemies of the STATE and if they had not perished would have probably gotten away with their disgusting show of insurrection. Let us CALL it what it was, PURE RACIST DISGUSTING HATE with a Side of White Privilege. Let’s put what happened into a context of TERRORISM shall we?

So from Wikipedia: U.S. Code Title 22 Chapter 38, Section 2656f(d) defines terrorism as: “Premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against noncombatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents, usually intended to influence an audience”.[41]

Then there is this: DOMESTIC TERRORISM as defined in Wikipedia:

While there are many potential definitions of domestic terrorism, it is largely defined as terrorism in which the perpetrator targets his/her own country. Enders defines domestic terrorism as “homegrown in which the venue, target, and perpetrators are all from the same country.”[2] The term “homegrown terrorism” stems from jihadi terrorism against Westerners. Wilner and Dobouloz described homegrown terrorism as “autonomously organized radicalized Westerners with little direct assistance from transnational networks, usually organized within the home or host country, and targets fellow nationals.”[3] The Congressional Research Service report, American Jihadist Terrorism: Combatting a Complex Threat, describes homegrown terrorism as a “terrorist activity or plots perpetuated within the United States or abroad by American citizens, permanent legal residents, or visitors radicalized largely within the United States.”[4]

Under the 2001 USA Patriot Act, domestic terrorism is defined as “activities that (A) involve acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the U.S. or of any state; (B) appear to be intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.” This definition is made for the purposes of authorizing law enforcement investigations. While international terrorism (“acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries”) is a defined crime in federal law,[5] no federal criminal offense exists which is referred to as “domestic terrorism”. Acts of domestic terrorism are charged under specific laws, such as killing federal agents or “attempting to use explosives to destroy a building in interstate commerce”.[6]

AS Defined by Merriam-Webster:

Definition of insurrection

an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government

Now that we have those definitions, WHICH one fits best with what happened on January 6th, 2021? I say all three. I Say EACH and EVERY person who KNEW, Participated or applauded such a disgusting hate filled act BE found, Arrested and TRIED for TREASON. EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM. Again, let’s put this in context of an “Invasion”. IF the disgusting insurrection that took place was actually and Invading army from another Country, there is NO DOUBT that they would have been Surrounded and if they did not surrender, SHOT TILL DEAD. 1 Innocent life was taken on that day. 1 Innocent Life was torn away from their family because of HATE. There can be no other discussion other than how all those Traitors to the United States of America can be found, arrested and tried for MURDER, Insurrection, Domestic Terrorism and Terrorism. It is disgusting that a Sitting President of the United States would Tweet out that the insurrectionists were “Loved”. IT is even more disgusting that even though many were calling for that so called sitting Presidents Twitter account be suspended, IT DID NOT HAPPEN UNTIL 1 Innocent LIFE was removed from the face of the Earth. DISGUSTING. And there are those that are complaining about the censoring??? WTF? A LIFE was LOST. Where is the compassion? Where is the Empathy for the family that Lost a LOVED ONE because people made the CHOICE to show HATE? No, Society is no longer “Society” it is a screwed up sh!t Show! People who have little to no conscious any longer. What happened to the values we once held? Now people who incite hate are applauded? People who spread lies are believed and others who disagree are threatened? Those who keep to the “Law and Order” of the Constitution are threatened with Death? It is TIME for accountability to be held against those who do such despicable, disgusting racist hate terrorism. There is no other words to say, but call it what it is and those who issue such hate MUST be held accountable. As it is said, social media has left many who need to be hit safe behind their screens.

Well, that is all I will say there is a LOT more I WANT to say…but they are not for public consumption.

May those who know the wrong they do and yet do them find solace in Karma. That they will one day also experience what they put others through. May be they blessed in that knowledge for now and all eternity.

Controversial perhaps…

Lucifer and those called “Fallen” are not.

Here is the stich….Lucifer was “Created”. Supposedly by God. Yes? This we all read in the Bible. He allegedly with a host of other Angels lead a “Rebellion” against God. Because of this He and those who were with him were Cast down to the Earth. How then…did Lucifer learn “Jealousy”? How then did the other Fallen Angels Learn what “Iniquity’ to whisper into Humans’ ears? How did Lucifer become as “Powerful” as God, if he was a “Created Being”??? Because perhaps he was NOT. NONE of the others were “Fallen”. We will remember, that before Judaism, or Monotheism, there was Polytheism, which is still practice around the World. Thinking in these terms…would it NOW make more sense? That these “Fallen Angels” are Demoted Deities that once ruled alongside “Yahweh”. Perhaps at the time he was worshiped, Lucifer was Gods’ Son or even his Equal (gasp), as Lucifer was the Brightest among them. Just as many other Deities in other Countries were also demoted. The conquering Armies would install THIER Religion, demoting the losing Tribe/village/country Religious Deities to minor deities or got rid of them. So MORE than likely when Monotheism replaced Polytheism in the Jewish Religious quarters…the Many Deities, became ONE and since there could only be ONE Main Deity, all the others were demoted to what is described in the Bible. In Ancient scriptures. It would be Good to see what others think. lol

Lucifer Morningstar -The Brightest of all Created Beings. The first to know the Iniquity of Humanity. The first to warn his Creator of their falsehood, their iniquity. For doing so, he and those who knew were cast from Heaven for the Creator makes mistakes not. So how then, were Lucifer and those with him Cast out? For if the Creator makes mistakes not, then Lucifer and others were NOT cast away from Heaven. Angels they be still, regardless of what humanity will call them. Lucifer was as all other characters I am posting created on Heromachine3:


That’s pretty much it. GOTCHA!

It is always interesting when a Year ends and a New one begins. For just that Few seconds Before the old year ends…everything Stops. IF one is out where there is no noise, no people, just nature. It is that very moment, if you FEEL very closely to “Time”. You will feel it also. It is excitement, anticipation, joy, happiness. But also sorrow, wistfulness and even regret. It might not be your emotions, it is what I would call the Whole of Humanity. And of course if you are of Asian descent as I am, there are TWO New Years. The first on January 1st, 2021. Then on February 12th, 2021 we will be welcoming in the Year of the Metal Ox (Research). While I grew up “Western”, I also had the Traditions that were passed down from the East. So we have a mixture of both in our household.

Growing up in Hawai’i as I have, I did not “See” the Traditional Western spread for the Holidays. No, we had a mixture of Japanese, Okinawan, Chinese, Hawaiian..etc. LOL! When I mean I watched movies and such that had the “Traditions” but we did also have the Turkey and Ham, Yams with the Marshmallow top, and the most important Green Bean Casserole. These were served along with Chow Mein, Nishime, Namasu, Konbumaki, Shoyu Pork (totally Okinawan, lol), Mochi, Nantu, Pumpkin Pie..etc. LOL! And people thought “Traditional” Holidays feasts were a lot. You’ve not until you experience a “Local” Holiday celebration that includes the above, plus More. I’m sure there are other mixed Culture families that have the same amount, if not More. Not sure if what they show when the movie has Italian families celebrating, but looks about the same amount. 🙂 Looking back, that is how it was.

Now of course things are pared down, a Lot. Families have grown celebrating with other family members/extended, in-laws, people are no longer here, though remembered. Memories are like this, bittersweet. This is also life. So if you are reading this and have not yet gotten to this point…enjoy it all. Even when you are invited somewhere and you believe/feel/think you will not enjoy it. Make the memories. As it is said, we only have this One Life to make them, so make the Most that you can. And before I start to get melancholy or such (too late!) I’ll bid a Farewell, you all of you reading, and a Good Farewell to 2020. May 2021 see all your hopes, dreams and wishes (Good ones at least) come to fruition! Happy New Year!

When we dream…What is Your Dream? Make it happen. 3LF!

How to….

When I started on my journey some 30 odd years ago, I would not have Ever thought I’d be where I am today. LOL. Strange things have gone on through my life, more than likely setting me on my path. I did say 30 odd years…but it has been most of my life…I just really got Serious in the 90’s, just as the 2nd “New Age Movement” was starting. Peoples can look up when the 1st New Age Movement started. Research people! You might notice that I Will ALWAYS stress RESEARCHING things for yourselves.
Well, sometime AFTER like 8 years after, so this would have been late 90’s; started doing readings. To me there are two types. One is Intuitive. The other is using tools. Intuitive is what people will consider (ESP/PSI). Whereas the Tools are like: Tasseography (Tea-Leaf reading), Phrenology (reading the bumps on a persons head) just examples, there really are too many to list and if you are interested, guess what.
There is one that is more popular and most represented in Movies. Tarot Readings. Let us get ONE thing clear first. The “Death” card Does NOT MEAN Physical Death. And the “Devil” card does NOT MEAN the Devil/Satan is there influencing you or possessing or anything else! There are other cards that will tell you. That is also what I will be posting today a How to make your own Tarot Deck. There is a reason for this and one I will share in a story. As mentioned, I Used to do readings…all types. Tarot being one of them. After a bit, due to out growing the sets I used or ego, the images stopped giving me anything. Even though I Knew what each card meant, the correlation between the cards and the querant (person getting reading) was gone. I drew blanks each and every time I did readings. Needless to say I Stopped using the Tarot and used other methods, but I LIKED doing Tarot readings. So guess what I Did. Yes. I meditated and I was told “You can no longer use another person interpretation of the Tarot. You Will develop your own.”. That of course lead me on to more, you know what to insert here. LOL
Research I did. Not for long. Since I Knew the history, the stories behind each card, etc. I did not do much. What I DID research was What Subjects were used for the Tarot. While the Major Arcana have a majority of Male Archetypes, There are also Female Archetypes. I also knew of TWO that were strictly Feminine Oriented. So I decided to make a Masculine Deck. All Male. This was not easy. Changing the Archetypes more so, but I was able to wit RESPECT. While the Tarot is a “Tool” as such, they are still imbued with Energy of a type. They Exist. Do not Ever forget that. After many years of people giving energy, each card Exists. Perhaps not Physically, but Spiritually they are just as real as we are. Remember that.
There were other questions to be asked:

  • What will the subject be…i.e. Flowers, stars, Constellations..etc.
    • This choice could also decide on the following steps.
  • Major Arcana only or a Full 78 card deck
    • By deciding this one, will follow into the next question
  • Will only the M.A. be fully illustrated or the whole deck
    • This can also be when one chooses to use the traditional Swords, Cups, Pentacles and Staves. OR choose other symbology. I.E. Swords – Scissors, Pens, Obelisks..etc.
  • What type of material will be used to make the cards
    • Card stock, tarot sized cards…etc
  • Will the Illustrations be all in color or highlighted or B/W
    • If color will it be charcoal, water colors..etc
  • What will the back of each card have one type or different backings
    • Most decks will have ONE type of backing like a design of some sort, I did a different “character” of a Sun/Moon face in profile, masculine and feminine (I was told by S.A. to add Feminine and this was one way to do it).
  • What will the Deck be used for.
    • I imbued My Deck with Healing Energy. So it was Healing while I did readings. Decks one Buys will be blank, one can use the deck for any general purpose. Some readers will want to specialize with different decks. Choice is up to the reader. When making a Tarot Deck, provided one has the energy, it can be imbued with whatever it is one wants the Deck to be used for.
  • What will in be contained in.
    • Some readers choose to use a natural cotton bag, others will use Silk, still others choose a wooden box. This is really just a personal choice. I used a leather bag to hold my Deck in.

And that is pretty much it. IF you have any other questions, as always ask. Research, research, research. Laterz!

New Start – How will you proceed if you do not know who you Are?
This is New Start from My Tarot Deck. I used Tritons instead of just Humanoid figures. This was also because my deck was a Healing Deck, which mostly stems from Emotions, which is ruled by Water. See how everything ties into how and why I chose and made my deck. 😀
I also did made New Start On Heromachine 3:

A bit of advice or not lol

I am going to stir up some “thing”. What, dunno. BUT, people need to start THINKING again. Delving into Research instead of just believing whatever someone supposedly credible spews into the Internet. What type of advice would I be able to offer? How about Spiritual Knowledge? Dealing with Negative People? How to get rid of bothersome Spirits? Oh yes…my pet peeve….is the best place to start.

FIRSTLY, I am NOT a “Professional” Teacher of the Spiritual that gets paid. Why would people have to pay for knowledge that was once shared freely? I am also not “Accredited” by any so called “School”. WHY would I Pay to have what I KNOW credited? Yeah, all those people say…”People pay attention more if they have to pay”. Well I do not follow that adage. It has never made sense to me…:)

So, I’ve been in “Ghost groups” and all sorts…the FIRST THING, the VERY FIRST THING people ASSume is that the “haunting” is “Demonic”. PURE POPPYCOCK!!! NOT all Hauntings are Demonic…not even 1% of hauntings are demonic. More like 1 out of 1000 hauntings maybe. I’ve watched the shows also and laugh when I hear “Demonic”. Perhaps by Their limited experience it COULD be, but more likely just a really pissed off Spirit. There ARE such Spirits that are just really Pissed off. It is also NOT true that Spirits will appear “Deformed” or whatever else when they died, UNLESS they WANT to keep that visage. Nopes, when we die, we revert to our TRUE IMAGE. Which is our SOUL. IT IS TRUE that Spirits get lost or stuck on the 3rd dimension. BUT, it is not regret that keeps them here. IF that were true the WHOLE world over would be filled with Spirits. Hardly anyone dies that does not have “regret” within their Souls. So that is one “theory” that can go bye-bye. So that is already two myths that no longer apply. I Come from a place of Experience that HAS gone to the Other side, the White Light…whatever one will call it. I Was within the PRESENCE that dwells in that White Light. I’ve seen Spirits that dwell on the other side. None of them are “Grotesque” or walking zombies or have pieces of their bodies missing or deformed…Nothing. Of course, being of Pure Energy, they CAN appear however a person “imagines”. Remember this…THOUGHT CREATES. Running across a Spirit, means…they can appear however the person THINKS the Spirit is, that does include Demonic…BUT, they are NOT demons. Which is why I Laugh at those shows that almost immediately after an “Investigation” they go “Demonic” Haunting. LOL! Especially when “Mediums and Psychics” go and exclaim “Demons!” B.S. It is a Spirit playing a trick. ONLY THREE instances have I ever agreed with the Medium/Psychic. Just a note here….They ARE different aspects of ESP. All Mediums are Psychic, but not all Psychics are Mediums. THAT is for a different post. IF you want to know more, you know what to do. Getting back to the topic. So yes, I Laugh. And everyone MUST have noticed that some of those shows say that the “Hauntings continued”. Want to know why? New paragraph!!!

Here is a “Secret”. Demons are OLDER than Christianity. Yes…think of the Oldest Religion still being practiced. That would be Hinduism. Hinduism has “Demons” in it. Now…if demons predate Christianity…how is a basically “Modern” ritual going to get rid of Spirits that are OLDER than a modern Religion? They do not even RECOGNIZE Christianity. It has no power over them. There are Demons from every Culture or Country. LOOK into those old tales. The word Demon was not even used until Christianity rolled around. They were just looked upon as Negative to Positive, Dark to Light. An Absence of Good. KNOWING the type of Spirit Haunting is the ONLY Way to RID oneself of the Haunting. People mistakenly also believe that “GOD” has power over all. BUT, “GOD” is Younger than many Earth Based Religions. Druids, Shamanic, Pagan (basically an umbrella term for all Earth Based Religions). So we have Spirits OLDER than God. That do not Recognize the power of god. So HOW can a Spirit be “exorcised” if they do not have belief in god? Have you Ever wondered why….the Catholic Church “Evaluates” exorcisms BEFORE actually saying it is one? And that they REFUSE to acknowledge certain ones…makes one think, does it not? That is because NOT all “Possessions” are Demonic. Not All Hauntings are Demonic. One would think that the Catholic Church which is older than the other Christian Sects would KNOW more than the younger sects. Which is why “Prayer circles” do NOT WORK for certain Hauntings that the Catholic Church does not acknowledge. The other Sects CHOOSE to ignore the Catholic Church to prove they are “Better Than”. NOW, think about those Hauntings shown in shows. Knowledge is Power, Power is in the KNOWING. Know the Culture, Know the History. That is the best defense, offense of getting rid of Spirits that are bothersome. That is one of the Better thing some of the shows do, research into the History of the area, knowing WHAT was practiced there. OH, one more thing….most “Satanists” do not Raise Demons. lol They do not practice Demon summoning. Neither do Wiccans or anyone else who casts a circle or meets. One might say that Church go-ers raise Demons. (Think about that one…enough Good to draw the attention of the absence of Good?) LOL!!! Anys…Animal sacrifice has been going on PRE-CHRISTIANITY. It is not a mistaken belief that Power is in the Blood. Why else would Jesus Christ offer his blood up in sacrifice? So it is not so far removed, when looked in that light, is it? One might argue with me, but do not Quote Bible verses to me. I KNOW the BIBLE also. As I said, Knowledge is Power and Power is in the KNOWING. lol That ends this post. I could go on and on and write a book, but that would go against my geas….so I share instead.

One might wonder WHY one would ASSume I am of the Dark Side. Speak to me and see the Difference.

Heromachine Creation

The only thing stopping you from creating fantastic creations is your own limited view of your capabilities. Expand your mind and you will soar beyond what even you believe.

Want to “Cancel” Something, Cancel Racism!

If you cannot view it here, then go to Youtube and look for it. It is Not only about Asians…but it is mainly focused On what is happening Right Now.

Abstract Thoughts

Beauty as they say is in the Eye of the Beholder. That is fine for those who are ugly inside. True Beauty will always shine out from within. Do not let others tell you how to Shine your Beauty.

So if you watch “American Ninja Warrior” or Saw SYTYCD. Then no explanations needed. IF you need one…you totally have to look the shows up. So often we are TOLD and force fed what Beauty is supposed to be. “You need this product, you need that one”…etc. Forget that crap. You do YOU. Beauty standards have changed throughout the centuries. Did you know that Plump Women were once considered the Height of Fashion, Femininity, Prosperity, Beauty…just look at the statues…those Women were Robust. Defs not a size Zero. Even the Renaissance period. Women were perhaps not as robust, but pleasantly “pillowed”. So ignore those magazines that say you HAVE to be. YOU do not HAVE to be anything but what YOU want to be. AS people are so fond of saying to ignore health advice…during this pandemic. “My Body, My Choice”. I find it quite frustrating that in THIS Modern times, in a Supposedly Progressive Country, WOMEN are still being told That they do NOT own their Own Minds and their own Bodies. Get out from Under that “Authority” of Ages past. Women are NOT the Weaker “Sex”. Many other Cultures have proven this, of course mostly those Cultures that were not “Christian”. Not to disparage any Religion..but when a Religion does NOT allow YOU to OWN YOURSELF, it is TIME to either check out of that Religion or CHANGE IT. Sure, Women may Not be Physically stronger…BUT…who is to say? A man will NEVER know what it is like to CARRY a Baby…even when using those…”Empathy Belly” things…it is NOT the same. So do not even let a man tell you they KNOW what it is like…they will not ever understand. And natural childbirth! Forget about it…yeah they have those “Electrodes” so men can experience the “Pain”. When your genitals are Ripped for having a child come out of it…THEN you might understand natural childbirth. OF course, if there are any Women reading this and I got it wrong…do please let me know. Okay, I have NO idea how I went off into this direction…but guess it was needed to be said or something…:/

I often have no control over what I actually type out. I Do, yet Do NOT. As I posted in one of the other entries…my knowledge, and the “Knowing” come from being connected to the Akashic Records as well as being a conduit/channel to the Higher ups, what used as an umbrella term “Spiritual Assistants”. This is not a normal blog type thingy…where there is a set plan of what I will post. lol I’m also a Virgo, which means there are More than several topics whizzing through my mind at the same time. One should talk to me in person, once I get over my shyness. LOL Yes, in person totally Introvert. Online, totally Extrovert. But I do fall deeply in the Introvert category. As we continue…if you still want to follow me…you’ll know more of my mind and the way I think. I mean I can look up at the stars and just keep staring and thinking about how it is vast and going on and on and on…without getting overwhelmed. Then of course, something else enters my mind and I’m off on another tangent. 😀 So…it is like watching someone talk to themselves…which I pretty much do…the above is just ONE of the many I think on…and I do not know why. lol IF you DO want me to go off on a tangent, just mention a subject, if I have thought about it then I’ll maybe post. Okay…Have an Awesome Day!

More from the House of Exquisite Flowers

Looking within can be just as scary as living in the world today. It is up to us to decide whether we live with our demons or excise them from our lives.

Being of Chibaru (Okinawan) Heritage, I decided to create an updated, yet traditional character based on my Heritage. This is Ryukyu no Ojo. Traditional colors (though not as..colorful as the kimonos in the Ryukyu Islands), a more updated or modern hairstyle. Symbology is also from the Ryukyu Islands (Okinawa Islands). Her long sleeve also shows the traditional Dragon, Tiger and Phoenix shown in many paintings. Dragon is wisdom, Tiger is power and Phoenix is long life/prosperity. This is what I was taught as passed down through our family. Unfortunately at some point we lost our family Crest, so we do not know what it actually is anymore. With Naha records destroyed our family history is harder to track and find. The only thing we have is word of mouth that we have relatives in Okinawa, South America and a few other areas…lol Basically wherever there are Okinawans, we Might be related (an ancestor of ours was very prolific in his…dalliances?) roflmao. Anyway. So yes. I hope she is pleasing.

The Akashic Records

So, many people have written about this. People have supposedly taught what the Records are, some even told Egotistical Lies. By doing a bit of research, one will find that while it was Known in India for a very long time, it was NOT common in the Western World. Only when the “New Age” Movement began did people start really quoting from the “Akashic Record”. I am only going to bust a few LIES that the egotistical teachers taught and told people which are outright lies. Ready?

  • The Akashic Records is just that…RECORDS. Get it? Everything that WAS, IS, WILL BE are already IN THE RECORDS. So NO ONE unless they are a Universal Creator (Which No one on Earth is) can write or even begin a Record. NO ONE. So if someone tells or tries to teach that only “Trained” people can read and write in the Records, I hope you did not pay them, because that is just a bunch of ego. The Records are available to ANYONE. Not just ego filled people who want to feel special, those are ones to stay away from.
  • To access the Akashic Records, one only needs to want to KNOW TRUTH and gain KNOWLEDGE. That is it. There is no “you need to know what you want to know”. What heck is that??? How are we supposed know what we want to know, if we do not Know what we want to know? More B.S. to cloud the issue. Nopes, just a genuine interest to Know Truth or gain Knowledge. The best way to gain access is through Meditation. Clearing your mind. Clearing your Space. Clearing your Emotions. Just BE.
  • The Akashic Records while a vault of Knowledge of Everything, not Everything will be available to you. Just because you want to know about plumbing, does NOT mean you will gain knowledge on Plumbing. That is a superficial use of what the Akashic Records are. Especially when one can either read a book, go to school, become an apprentice or look up a video.

That’s pretty much it. The only other way to learn more is to actually GO THERE. What people know and teach are only so much. Only by having your Own Experiences will you learn more. The Akashich Records are different to everyone. So go off with you, do, learn, experience.

We only Live when we surrender all that we are, all that we know, all that we want, all that we need. To fully surrender oneself is the most painful lesson we will ever go through.

7 Species disappeared Forever…Declared Extinct in the Wild and No Species found after exhaustive searches.

Sumatran Rhino

Extinct in the Wild. 80 Species left world wide in Zoos.

Chinese Paddlefish

Gone Forever

Yangtze Giant Softshell Turtle

Gone Forever – three remain all male.

Indian Cheetah

Mostly due to Habitat loss (Humans can still be blamed)

Spix Macaw

Extinct in the Wild. Remaining species in preservation in hopes of reviving the Species

Catarina Pupfish

Gone Forever

Indochinese Tiger

Extinct in the Wild, few left in Reserves. Species gone in Cambodia due to hunting and poaching.


Just a tad bit more Information

Last post talked about “Hauntings” and how knowing What type of Spirit is doing the haunting will give you the the best options on how to rid oneself or others of the Spirits. One of the things that the shows get it right is that there are in fact Different Types of hauntings. If you watch the shows then you will know all about them, so I will not write about that aspect. What I will delve into are the types of Spirits, so get your preferred drink and whatever else you need, this might be long or it might be short. No telling, since basically I’ll be drawing the knowledge from experiences, what I read and what I KNOW, which is quite different from the experience and research aspects. The “KNOW” part comes directly from the Akashic Records…which if you want to know more about, just leave a question. Onwards to Knowledge!

Spirits can be classed into three areas. Positive, Negative and Neutral. Demonic Spirits/Entities are in a whole different classification. Totemic Spirits and Spirit Guides are also in a different classification.

IT is common in ALL Spiritual Hauntings that they do draw energy from areas and items. One may also smell particular “scents” with such hauntings, like perfume, nature, freshening of the air. And there will still be a Chill. These are Spirits, in another level/dimension that is far different from ours, so we are not to expect that Every dimension will have the same temperature, direction, etc. No. Each dimension is different from the previous (something we might go into later). The Negativity that Always results in Every haunting at the beginning stems from humanity’s basic nature of fight or flee. Our basic survival instincts. Fear most times will win, so we back away. There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with doing this. Hauntings are not normal or regular occurrences, so who can expect to be “used to” such things? No, so get over it. So here is a generalized description of the three. IT is very brief.

Positive Spirits – There are many Spirits that can come under this term. Guardian Spirits, Light Spirits, Fae or Sidhe. THERE could be More types that can fit under this type, BUT we will concentrate on the most Common. Most types of hauntings with the Positive Spirits will be still feel “negative” until you get to know what type is haunting ones space. NOTE: A Positive Haunting will NEVER leave you feeling Drained or deeply afraid or anxious.

Negative Spirits – There are many Spirits that can be put under this area as well. Suicide, murder victims, lonely angry people, UnSidhe will normally make up the Negative Spirits. As with Positive Spirits the same can also be smelled and felt. So due diligence in research will always be required. NOTE: One will ALWAYS feel drained, anxious, confused, if powerful enough leave the tell-tale so called “Demonic markings”. One must remember, “Demons” are Fallen Angels, meaning they HAVE the same amount of Fingers as an Angel. Regardless of what one may have been brought up with…They are still ANGELS. More of this in another post.

Neutral Spirits – Not many will fit into this area, these are normally children, sudden deaths, lost souls who have died far from home, Ancestor spirits, graveyard spirits (where there was a graveyard, but only the headstones were moved). These last Spirits are more Confused than anything else. NOTE: There will ALWAYS be Sadness attached to these hauntings. ALWAYS. One Might feel comfortable, sometimes confused, hardly ever drained, UNLESS the Spirit is directly related by BLOOD. Blood as I mentioned in the previous post is a powerful thing.

That is a brief summary of the three types. We all have postits or things on our phone where we can record. DO So if you if feel anything out of the ordinary. Do NOT TRUST ON MEMORY! No, do not Trust memory at all. Record everything if you are in a state of mind to do so. Now, the following questions will assist one in knowing what to do.

  1. What do you FEEL? Not think. FEEL. PUT an EMOTION to what one FEELS.
  2. How do you Physically Feel? Energized? Drained? Name it.
  3. IS it YOUR energy you are feeling?
  4. Are you feeling Pain anywhere physically? Write down the location and the pain scale number
  5. How do you now feel Mentally?
  6. How do you feel Spiritually?

Now that one has answered those questions…that is of course only the basics, one can Add more questions if it is needed. One can move on to the next area, which would be Research. I cannot express this urgently enough. RESEARCH!!! Find out all that is possible on the location of the haunting. Write questions down if it is needed. Always follow the Who, When, Where, What, Why. OF course this can also be done BEFORE buying any property. People/Real Estate Agents are not required to tell the buyer of any particular incident(s) that have occurred on/at the location(s). The Reality shows have often revealed this fact. So ask questions, if they are unsatisfactory, online research, library…neighbors.

That is it for this post. Might seem brief, compared to my last posting…lol. What else is there to say? I am not a Spirit Chaser, I only deal with what comes into my purview. I am always available for questions, so ask if you need clarification on something I Wrote. 😀

Don’t Tell me what you Know. SHOW ME what you Know.